People Money Reviews

This book is vitally important, not only to NGOs and concerned citizens, but also required reading for bankers, financiers and all economy policymakers looking for saner alternatives.

Hazel Henderson, author of Building A Win-Win World

People Money is the single most useful and empowering book I have encountered for those wanting to get involved in the complementary currency movement. Its diverse real-life examples and insightful ‘how-tos’, embedded in deep theoretical understanding, will surely make it essential reading for activists, policy-makers, and economists interested in localization and sustainability.

Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics

There’s no talk of if only or perhaps. The idea of People Money is already happening, and this enlightening book demonstrates how simple it is for local communities to take control of their economies in an entirely positive and sustainable way.

Rachel England, Positive News

This book which covers a wide range of case studies and even proposes a roadmap for currency design, a sort of bible for alternative currencies, has certainly inspired me. As money in our world seemingly becomes ever more abstract and/or virtual in its use and creation it is good to be reminded of the basic purpose it was always set to serve and the absurdly subjective nature of its value. With “people money” it is exciting to find revealed, in this condensed collection of real life examples, that there are such a wide range of design features which can be used to promote any number of chosen values. I hope you will take the time to enjoy this book.

David French, Amazon review

People Money is the kind of book that has the quality to make people enthusiastic to start to act in the field of local currencies. Alongside introducing the key aspects of money it contains enough inspiring stories. So it has everything one might want from a good book about money introduced bottom up.

Henk van Arkel, Social Trade Organisation, Amazon review

Yours is now the movement’s best field book and guide, in my opinion, and will be read by more people than any before.

Kevin Parcell, Reconomy and Sun Money.

For anyone wanting to learn more about the potential of community currencies or who is interested in reading stories of successful ones, this is a most valuable resource.

Jonathan Warner, International Journal of Community Currencies Research

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