Reviews of Local Money

For the reader who is new to the subject, or who wants an introduction to the topic but does not have time to read a longer book, this is ideal…Altogether, this pamphlet is extremely valuable as a starter in the field of community-strengthening alternatives to our present exploitative money system.

Review by
Project Lyttelton, New Zealand

Must-read pamphlet. I found it clear, concise, assertive, inspiring and timely. Miraculously, John Rogers has distilled everything you need to know on this subject into this very easily digested little tome. Seriously impressive. I recommend it to Transition Initiatives.

Ben Brangwyn, Transition Network

While info on local money, community currency, can be found online and in books, much of the literature is by economists and authors more interested in abstract and technical details. John’s effort is more user-friendly for the average reader or communitarian wishing to know if their community is ripe to invest effort into local money.

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